Freshmatic Complete Orange Blossom

Product Features

  • Now indulge in fragrances inspired by essential oils.
  • Enjoy the vibrant freshness of an Orange orchard.
  • Transform your home by creating a fresh, feel good ambience.

Product Description

Transport your home into a garden with the fragrance of orange orchards. New AirWick Orange Blossom leaves your home basked in tangy orange happy freshness. AirWick Air freshener adds charm to your home by inducing fragrances in the air instantly.

Directions for use (Read safety information carefully before use & Retain instructions for future reference): Step 1- Ensure the control wheel on the back of the device is in the OFF position. To open, press down the button on the back of the device and pull. Ensure your fingers are not on the seam on the sides of the device. Insert 2 AA/LR6 batteries. Ensure the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals are aligned correctly; Step 2- Before inserting the aerosol refill, ensure the red lever inside the device is pushed up. Then insert the aerosol refill with the spray nozzle facing out; Step 3- Close the device. Direct the device away from your face and select desired fragrance intensity using the control wheel located at the back (low, medium, high). When activated, the device will spray after a delay of 15 seconds. If there's no spray after 15 seconds, switch off the device: a. Check that batteries are inserted correctly b. Remove aerosol refill and push up red lever (see diagram number 2); Step 4- Directing the device away from your face, place the device where chosen. Ensure it is at least 2m from the floor level; Step 5- The aerosol refill will require changing when the fragrance is no longer emitted. Directing the device away from the face, turn the switch on the side of the device to the ‘OFF’ position (this resets a spray counter), replace the aerosol refill, and select your chosen fragrance intensity level.

PRECAUTIONS FOR USE: Read the precautions and directions for use carefully; Put the timer switch on the “OFF” position before placing the aerosol refill in the device; Direct the device away from face all the times. When activated it sprays automatically after 15 sec; Do not insert fingers or any other objects, while the device is functioning; Do not place near or on source of heat, naked flame, sparks or ignition, any electrical equipment or direct sunlight or any other places of temp. exceeding 50° C; If you go away from home for more than a week, turn off the device; Read and follow the precautions for use on aerosol can. Use only as directed. SAFETY DIRECTION: Keep out of reach of children and pets; People suffering from perfume sensitivity should be cautious while using this; Do not breathe spray; Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice; If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label; Use only in well-ventilated areas. BATTERY USAGE: Use only alkaline batteries; Ensure batteries are inserted correctly, aligning the (+) and (-) terminals as indicated; Do not expose the batteries to water, fire or high temperatures; Do not cause a short circuit; If any leakage from batteries is noted, remove them immediately and remove any leaked material. Remove the batteries if the device is not in use for a long period of time.