Aromatic Diffusers FAQs

1. How does the unit shut-off?

Just unplug it from the wall.

2. What size room would it be most effective in?

The product could be used in all room sizes, preferably large to medium size. 

3. Can empty Aromatic Diffusers bottle be filled with perfume or other liquid fragrance?


4. Can the bulb be replaced?


5. Should the unit be left plugged in if there is no oil in the bottle?


6. Is there a way to make the fragrance last longer?

To extend the life of the fragrance, occasionally unplug or use at minimum setting for a portion of the day.

7. What would be an explanation for Air Wick® Aromatic Diffusers not keeping their effectiveness for the expected time?

One problem is habituation, being constantly exposed to the same fragrance diminishes the perception of the fragrance. (In addition, it could be expected that the fragrance strength would weaken with time).

8. How do I use Aromatic Diffusers?

Unscrew cap from fragrance bottle and insert into warmer until “click” can be heard.

Plug UPRIGHT into outlet.

9. What are the safety requirements?

WARNING: When using electric products, basic precautions should always be followed, including the following:
Please read all the instructions before using the product. To reduce the risk of injury, close supervision is necessary when a product is used near children.

DO NOT put fingers or hands into product.

CAUTION: Risk of Electric Shock and Fire Hazard. This is not a toy and is not intended for use by children. For adult use only. For safe use, plug only into properly functioning, exposed 120-volt electrical wall outlet where product is ventilated and cannot contact bed covering or other material. DO NOT use with extension cords. If blocking the “TEST” or “RESET” buttons of a GFCI outlet, test GFCI on a regular basis.

DO NOT immerse in water. DO NOT plug anything in above it. DO NOT use air freshener with Mega fragrance bottle in vertical receptacles.